Monday, August 4, 2008

Marrying a Virgin

George has decided to get married, but not just to anybody. He wants
to marry a virgine, a good girl that hasn't fooled around and won't
ever. After a bit of thinking, he makes up this scheme to tell "good
girls" from "bad girls".

One day, as he's going down the street, he spots Janice, one of the
three young women on his "eligible" list. He walks right up to her,
pulls down his pants and flashes her.

"Well, Janice," he sais, "what do you reckon this is?"

"Why, it's a dick, of course," replies Janice instantly.

Obviously, Janice has been with men before, thinks George, and he
cuts her off the list.

Next on the list is Christine. After finding her, he goes on and
flashes her too.

"Tell me, Christine, what do you think this is?"

"It's your dick, George," answers Christine.

Off the list goes Christine.

His final hope is in Mary. He finds her and proceeds to the

"Mary, what do you think this is?" asks George.

Mary looks at his dick for a whole minute, then finaly answers. "I
honestly don't know, George, I'm sorry."

"ARE YOU SURE?" asks George again, unbelieving. "Here, study it all
you want, just be sure."

Mary takes her time and studies George's organ for a full quarter of
an hour.

"Sorry, George, I still can't tell what it could possibly be."

George is thrilled, and proposes to her. A few weeks later, they are
married. It's their first night together. They both go to bed,
naked, and George feels it's time to explain a few things to his

"Mary, I'm going to learn you something very important. See this
thing here, between my legs. That's a dick."

"THAT is a dick?" gasps Mary. "You should see John's!"


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